Dental Technology

Advanced dental instruments play a major role in making today’s dentistry more comfortable than ever before. At River Oak Dental, you have access to the most modern technology designed to make your visit efficient and your results impressive.

I know I need X-rays, but I'd prefer not to be exposed to unnecessary radiation. Do you offer digital X-rays?

Yes, we do offer digital X-rays (radiographs). Digital X-rays use less radiation and are safer than traditional film X-rays. You will find that, at River Oak Dental, we research the latest trends in technology to find the solutions that promote your overall health, safety, and comfort.

Digital Radiographs

Traditional X-rays take time to be developed, and their images must be physically stored. Digital X-rays give your River Oak Dental team instant images that can be viewed on a monitor and stored electronically in our computer system for future reference.

Intraoral Camera

You can see what your dentist sees with an intraoral camera. Using this instrument, the River Oak Dental team can show you exactly what conditions are affecting your smile. Dr. Nichols wants you to feel completely informed and educated when it comes to your dental care and your treatment options. Knowledge plays a major role in your comfort and in your overall experience with us.

Digital Photography

Digital photography gives our team instant images to track your progress. Digital images are saved electronically in our computer system and are more efficient than traditional photographs.

Sedation Dentistry

Nitrous Oxide (also called “laughing gas”) and gentle oral sedation are options available for anxious patients to help them during complex dental procedures or even through routine dental care. Nitrous oxide is administered in the chair before receiving treatment. It helps patients relax, while still allowing them to interact with the doctor, and its effects wear off before leaving the office. Oral sedation involves taking a pill prior to receiving treatment. You will not necessarily fall asleep during your visit, but you will most likely not remember any details about your treatment either. With oral conscious sedation, be prepared to have a friend or family member drive you home.

What is conscious sedation, and do I need it?

Many people suffer from severe anxiety when they visit the dentist. Conscious sedation may be the right option for you! You usually take two pills an hour before your appointment. You won’t be fully asleep during conscious sedation, but you will have little or no recollection of the procedure. A friend or family member should be available after your appointment, as you will be unable to drive yourself when your procedure is complete. Many patients who have memories of bad experiences from childhood say that this is very beneficial!


Enjoy the latest technological innovations at River Oak Dental, including same-day crowns with CEREC™!

CEREC™ is a technological system that allows for the fabrication of all-ceramic tooth restorations in a single visit. Many restorations require several visits to the dentist, but with CEREC’s™ system, a natural-looking restoration, with many of the properties of natural teeth, can be custom created for you in less time, assuring you of a more comfortable dental experience.

Ask your River Oak Dental team about how CEREC™ could help enhance your smile!

General Dentistry

Dr. Nichols and his entire dental team ensure you of continued, state-of-the-art care by giving you access to a variety of general treatments.


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